Career Paths

Choosing Penn’s  School of Engineering can be one of the best lifetime decisions a student will ever make. The majority of seniors receive job offers well before graduation, with the average annual starting salary above $75,000.

A Penn Engineering degree prepares students to pursue any number of paths, able to apply what they learned in the classroom to solving real-life problems. As engineers, they collaborate in teams, think across disciplines to create breakthrough change, and can make a tremendous impact on daily life.

There are many majors within Engineering – from bioengineering and computer science to mechanical engineering and applied mechanics. Students can choose a major at the outset, or they can elect to matriculate as Curriculum Deferred until the end of their freshman year. Courses like Engineering 101 provide an opportunity for these students to explore different areas and find what engages them.

Ten majors lead to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree, and five to a Bachelor of Applied Science. Additionally, students can choose a dual major within Penn Engineering, or they can combine their BSE or BAS degree with a second degree in another Penn undergraduate school.

Whichever path students choose, Penn Engineering graduates are highly desirable, highly sought after candidates by major employers in key industries, including consulting, technology, finance, and manufacturing.

In the most recent Undergraduate Career Plans Survey Report (2014):

  • 89% of Engineering graduates received job offers prior to graduation
  • 4 was the average number of job offers per Engineering graduate
  • 70% of Engineering graduates received their job offer through Penn-affiliated options, such as on-campus recruiting, career fairs, and job posting
  • $75,033 was the average annual starting salary
  • 72% have full-time employment
  • 20% are pursuing full-time graduate study