Undergraduate Program

Mission Statement

Design and deliver an engineering education with rigor and breadth that prepares students for global leadership in technology

Curriculum: Four balanced tracks

  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Engineering Fundamentals
  • Technical / Professional Electives
  • General Electives – Social Science/Humanities/Technology, Business and Society


All single degrees require 37 total course units *Penn uses course unit (CU) system.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) is our flagship degree program, preparing students for careers in professional engineering and technical leadership.  The BSE degree is for a student who wishes to work in engineering or technical fields, or to pursue other studies/fields with the strongest possible technical preparation.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) is designed for the student who does not plan to work as an engineer per se, but rather wants a customized education that combines technology with other interests customized to their career goals.

Learning and Community

  • Innovative curricula balance breadth and depth, with the flexibility to explore
  • Advising and mentoring facilitates academic and personal progress
  • Engaged instructors continually update curricula and adopt best teaching practices and research initiatives in the classroom
  • Collaborative, creative, and thoughtful students for team projects, senior design, and social learning